This display rack holds 8 complete boards with trucks and wheels at the front, and another 4 in the rear. Total of 12 slots with wide 38mm slots for those skateboards with rails, thicker longboards, wakeboards, or snowboards.

It’s designed to be a display rack to show off you prized collection of vintage & collectable skateboards so the graphic art side can be beautifully displayed in your home. Ive designed the dimensions to maximise & show off the beautiful artwork & graphics of each deck. This is the rack for any skater with beautiful boards.

It’s a modern contemporary design to fit in with modern decor, to be a room feature so your boards can be viewed more as a gallery rather than garage storage. The steep angle and deeper slots allow the graphic side to be more prominent and visible, and a better way to distribute the weight of the board to avoid deck warping.

They are CNC precision cut using various natural timber ply and suitable for use inside your home as a display feature.

Kats Rack assembles together tight without needing any tools. I spent days with designers to create and design a strong joint for a sturdy rack. It comes pre drilled to secure it however the rack is incredibly stable even prior to use of screws (supplied). Mums & dads friendly, easy assembly, no instructions needed.

I’ve shaped a skirting board recess allowing the back to be flush against a wall, and you have the option to fix the rear supporting rails/s to the wall for added security & stability. Having a flush back, two racks can be positioned back to back in the right room or for retail shop usage.

Circular cutouts on the rack sides for easy carrying when fully assembled, and Ive designed the dimensions to accomodate complete longboards fitted with risers, big wheels, and large trucks so they can be positioned in and out of slots without collision.

The 12 board display rack! Freestanding at just under 1.96 metres tall.

Height: 196cm
Depth: 40cm
Slot size: 3.8cm

This 6 piece rack assembles in seconds, clicks together, and beginner-friendly assembly. Can be used for:

– skateboards
– longboards
– wakeboards
– snowboards
– mountain boards
– & even fishing rods!

Holds 12 decks:
– 7 complete decks up front;
– 1 up top and;
– 4 at the rear.

– Modern contemporary design
– Simple assembly, no instructions needed
– Clicks together in minutes
– Skirting board recess. Can be positioned/fixed flush to your wall
– Brackets are pre-drilled if you choose to use screws for added security (supplied)
– CNC precision cut
– Only natural timber ply (no MDF or particle board)
– Designed, made and manufactured in Sunshine Coast, Australia
– 38mm slots for thicker boards
– Circular cutouts on the rack sides for easy carrying
– Slots spaced to allow room for complete skateboards


-Wide – For complete boards with a truck/wheelbase greater than 43cm. Suitable for longboards and most full size skateboards.

-Narrow – For complete boards with a truck/wheelabse greater than 27cm. Suitable for small skateboards, popsicles.

Material Options:

1. Premium Meranti Hardwood ply 15mm raw
Meranti marine ply is a light red furniture grade hardwood, a natural product from a renewable source. The warm and natural grain patterns are ideal for a feature in any living area or studio display.

2. Premium hexagon black laminate birch ply 12mm
This is a heavy duty laminate used for truck floors. The hexagon pattern matches the Electric Skateboard themes and logos. This strong birch with the striking hexagon surface would look amazing as a feature in any home or studio.

Screws supplied with all models.

** NOTE: Some of the products we sell are beautiful natural raw timber surfaces that can be eventually affected by weather and moisture. If choosing a raw timber product, we recommend sealing by painting or varnishing once assembled to avoid moisture damage, eg shape distortion, timber bow etc.

** SHIPPING is listed for major cities but may require additional payment for higher courier fees in some rural/regional areas. (Etsy system is very limited and only allows us to display one flat shipping rate). We will contact you if your suburb is affected with quote or refund.

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 202 × 45 × 7 cm

Hexagon Birch ply, Meranti Marine ply


27 Centimetre, 43 Centimetre

Kats Rack