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** Sold as set of FOUR wheels **

Boa keep on surprising the longboard world with their new wheels.

The Sigma is a polymath. Excels in all areas. Electric skateboarding, long distance push and even downhill (Jacko’s downhill model is coming soon).

The Boa Sigmas are an ultra wide 80mm wheels, designed to maintain speed, while giving you maximum grip. On an electric skateboard that is torque. For long distance push that roll and pump speed.

The urethane formula gives excellent resistance against chunking, ensuring they can handle even the most unforgiving environments. It is a squishy ride to absorb shocks and vibrations. Don’t let the 83a durometer fool you, these wheels ride plush.

Measuring 80mm with an ultra wide 65mm width and a contact patch to the road of 63mm!, these wheels offer you immense grip and plenty of comfort for your everyday riding needs.


The Boa project has always been about creating a new generation of wheels designed for the direction skateboard and longboard is evolving. As the sport evolves, so should the equipment.

Your wheels are your contact to the world, buy the best so you can perform at your best.


  • Diameter: 80mm
  • Hardness: 83a
  • Width: 65mm
  • Contact Patch Width: 63mm
  • Hub: OffSet
  • Lip: Rounded
  • Surface: Smooth
  • Wheel Color: White
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm

78a, 81a, 84a

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