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** Clearance sale. A USA company called VIBERIDE has purchased the brake patent from the original Aussie company Boarder Kontrol so we are selling the last remaining stock **

Boarder Kontrol Longboard

The guys behind Streetboardz have this new brakeboard design, wanting to make skateboarding more accessible and easier to learn for beginners, kids and adults.

They’ve come up with a leash activated brake fixed on the back truck.

Stepping onto the longboard is now easier.  No risk of the board flying off from under your feet.  Just step on the back of the board and pull the leash brake to stop the board from moving.  Once you’ve got both feet on the board, simply release the brake.

You can slightly pull the leash to slow the board down whenever you feel you’re starting to gain too much speed.  Holding the leash also stops the rider from falling forwards.

More advanced riders will also find it useful down steep hills!

Designed by professionals, Boarder Kontrol longboards look fantastic yet feel balanced and predictable.

  • 70mm diameter wheels with 83A hardness cruise over payment cracks and small stones
  • 10 inch trucks give low speed stability
  • 50 degree pivot angle respond to aggressive carving
  • 3mm positive rake hangers provide return-to-center control
  • 37.5 inch cruiser deck encourages a relaxed stance
  • 8 ply deck construction is suitable for all weights
  • A generous kick-tail enables gutter hops and quicker board retrieval

Add a skatebrake to control your speed and a leash that folds up to fit in your pocket and you have a longboard that will journey down roads less travelled.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 15 × 30 cm

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