The main inspiration for this deck was team rider feedback on a different board: the Ratmobile. Dave A. had been riding his Ratmobile backwards for over a year and Will Royce had mentioned wanting a double-sided Rat. So we took their input and made something new! More curves, more concave, and the micro-est of micro-drops give the Ratarang the absolutely unique flare and style that it has oh so much of!

The Ratarang mould is the simplest, most complex skateboards shape we’ve ever worked with. We’ve taken the elliptical w shape that we introduced to the world in our 2013 Ibach, pushed it down to a super mild .1β€³ and cradled it into a slightly rockered deck amidst some tasty concaves. Speaking of which, there are 3 distinct concave shapes throughout the deck, which add reference points all over the place, in addition to added stiffness and strength.

We recommend the Ratarang with whatever your DH truck of choice is (if you’re looking for suggestions, it plays well with Paris and Blackstar) with a nice set of Royce wheels for crushing DH runs, or Side Set Five-0 wheels for laying endless thane!

  • 37.8” Long
  • 10” Wide
  • 23.4” – 30.5” WB
  • .68″ Concave
  • .73″ Wheel Flares
  • .5″ Rocker
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 90 × 26 × 15 cm

Kats Rack