The new Nano Tech Skate Bearings, developed by Cuei Wheels in partnership with Minebeamitsumi, one of the largest bearing manufacturers and which holds the world record (Guinness) for the smallest and most precise bearing in the world, just came to innovate and increase the quality standard of Skateboard bearings.
Produced on ultra-precise machines, these bearings have a meticulous polishing process, which reaches the Nano (RA) level of smoothness on the surface of the balls and race tracks, which in itself already causes this bearing to require less torque to spin.
To make this bearing even more special, Cuei had the opportunity to try out variants such as tolerances, depth and angulation of the racetracks, different material alloys and innovative designs. That is why this bearing has been completely developed for skateboarding.
To start Cuei has two designs, the Classic 608S which is the most used model in the industry today and the Race Model 1980S which obtained the highest results in laboratory and practical tests. This model has more weight on the external part of the bearings, which makes their inertia absurd, in addition to a smaller diameter on the rails which makes traveling a shorter distance for each turn of the wheels. The result is a faster bearing with a faster response.



• Faster acceleration and top speed.
• More precision and grip.
• Insane durability.
• Removable protection shields with own internal rails, which completely blocks the entry of dirt without generating any friction.
• Thin nylon cage with fiberglass, made to generate the least possible friction.
• All parts are produced exclusively by Minebeamitsumi.
• Developed especially for Cuei Wheels.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 5 cm

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