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The updated version of the Cuei Precision Spacers are now made with Stainless Steel, which is extremely strong and makes it nearly impossible to change its measurements over time. Stainless steel discards the need for anodized paint because it is already an oxidation-resistant metal, in other words, this piece will last a lifetime. Cuei have engraved their logo with a laser machine to make sure this beautiful piece of engineering is not confused with other ordinary spacers.

The Cuei Wheels precision spacers were created due to the lack of precision of current spacers in the market, that is the measure of the space between the bearings in the wheel core. Cuei spacer is made with micrometer precision, which is above the normally used measurement, millimeter. They are made to the exact measure of the Cuei core, with a perfect fit, which makes this piece unique and makes every movement between the truck, wheel, and bearings simultaneous. This improves the slide making it smoother, without chatter, vibration, and besides zeroing the loss of energy in straight lines, which results in higher speed. Created and made in Brazil, with a partnership between Cuei Wheels and Dan Hill.

Hop had Thiago (owner of Cuei) on the Hop podcast. He discussed why this spacer was made. At the race at Killington, the long length and high speeds of the hill, Thiago could hear a clicking in his wheels. He worked out over time it was the incorrect fit of normal spacers inside his wheel core.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 5 cm

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