New KATS RACK β„’ skateboard rack for larger boards. Suitable for 5 large boards.

– Electric skateboards
– Boards with bindings (wakeboards, snowboards)
– Mountain boards
– Large skateboards & longboards
– No screws, slot together V4 design
– 1.2 metres tall
– 27cm or 43cm wheelbase width options
Made from premium Wisa-Hexa 17mm panels coated with phenolic resin laminate imprinted with a hexagonal pattern on exterior. Interior is coated with black phenolic film. WISA-Hexa is used as flooring panel in transport vehicles, industrial floors, work platforms, spectator stands and terraces, etc and makes a stunning feature with the hex finish. The hexagon pattern matches the electric skateboard themes and logos. This striking hexagon surface would look amazing as a feature in any home or studio.
KATS RACKβ„’ are designed, made and manufactured in Australia.
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 121 × 45 × 7 cm

Kats Rack