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We have set up a Tandava dance deck with the best black components in the shop.

Paris 180 matt black trucks with gold highlights to match the gold in the dance deck graphic. Special Blurs Eloise Dörr titanium black bearings with an Eloise Dörr black bag. Wheels are Blood Orange Morgan Pro 65mm 82a wheel in black. We can swap for the 60mm Morgan Pro smoke wheels, however we like to use a minimum 65mm wheel on this deck, and the 66mm Smokes are out of stock.

About the deck

The Pantheon Tandava is a mid-sized dancer longboard featuring clean lines, a comfortable platform and flex, and a flowing shape that assists in its durability.

Pantheon never use After “stock” molds, so this deck is not another Dancer, it is a Pantheon Dancer. Designed from the ground up, with many nuanced design features. Ergonomics is at the core of this deck, your feet should melt into the dancer.

One thing many dancer longboards tend to suffer from is durability issues. Many boards get beefed up around the rails at one of the “hot spots” around the deck, often near the wheel well. This is because designers are shaping the decks in such a way that the board has specific spots that it tends to land on over and over and over again–almost like a “swell-bow” on your arm just sticks out and just can’t help but to be landed on every time you go down. The Tandava shape works to avoid these hot spots, so that the board can wear more evenly over time.

Pantheon have combine a carefully shaped longboard dancing platform with a hard Canadian maple core protected by fiberglass and one of a kind curly “Black Root” veneer. The result is an amazingly strong board that will outlast many of its competitors.

When you skate the Tandava, it is a very comfortable dancing platform with a low concave that ever-so-gradually increases toward the tip and tail until it reaches a bowl-shaped nose and tail kick. This kick is crazy comfortable for manuals and provides a killer board feel with kicking the board up and doing aerial manoeuvres. Set this board up with some flowy 180mm, 50-degree trucks and lightweight 63mm to 68mm wheels.

The Pantheon Tandava is more than a new gold standard in dance boards…it actually has gold inlay! The gold in the graphic is actually real gold!


Length 45.3″ (115cm)
Width 9.4″ (24cm)
Wheelbase: 28.66 – 29.91″ (72.8 – 75.97cm)
Griptape: Standard black griptape applied by Pantheon
Construction: 6 Ply maple core with Triaxial Fiberglass on top and bottom, encased in walnut veneer with gold inlay graphic

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 125 × 30 × 10 cm

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