Used / Pre-loved, but in very good condition. These Peter Verdone designed trucks may be the holy grail of all longboard gear. The hardest, rarest, and most sought after trucks that it took us 3 years to find a pair. This is an absolute collectors item. Comes as is, with supplied bushings kit.



2006 update:

These are the most advanced and tunable skate trucks ever made. They are NOT built to grind, but to race. The were designed during the 2001-2 racing seasons with the help of professional riders, Terrence Kirby & John Gilmore. Without their input, these would not have the legendary performance that they are known for.

Key Features:

* 8mm precision titanium axles.
* Single parameter adjustment of ride height, steering angle, wheel base, and width.
* 3.000″ of wheelbase adjustment per truck, per drilling (new or old pattern)
* Steering angle choices between 0 and 60 degrees with open source patterns for any angle.
* Custom made single block high rebound elastomer steering spring/damping in 5 harnesses.
* Adjustable turn limit screws to prevent any possibility of wheel bite.
* More possible tilt than any other truck ever made.
* Opens board shape designs by moving axles independent of drilling.

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm

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