This is another sick deck by Rocket!ย The Ian Freire pro model has been completely revised in 2021.

The original board came in two widths. But Ian isnโ€™t just one of the worldโ€™s best freeriders, heโ€™s also extremely fast. So this time Rocket went one step further and gave him two boards with similar features but in 2 different sizes.
The Macro isย a single kick freerider and the Micro a small modern race board.

This board is the Macro.

The boards are not built with the Rocket LAF technology but thanks to a hollow core they are still lighter than most comparable boards on the market. The hybrid construction made of carbon, flax and glass fibers ensures a very direct, yet smooth riding experience.

The Macro has a similar size to Ianโ€™s original pro model. The noticeable changes are the width and the concave. The drill holes have also been moved to give the tail even more pop. Despite its directional shape, the board offers a symmetrical foot platform so when you ride it switch it feels and performs no different! The wide wheel well flares, the steeper concave in the center of the board, and the rocker lock you in without limiting your stance.





LENGTH 36โ€ / 91.5 cm
WIDTH 9.45โ€ / 24 cm
WHEELBASE 22.8โ€ โ€“ 25โ€ / 58 โ€“ 63.5 cm
CONCAVE 0.43โ€ โ€“ 0.6โ€ณ / 11 โ€“ 15 mm
MATERIAL SFI-certified bamboo, Carbon fiber, Natural flax fiber, Glass fiber, Embossed ABS topsheet
WEIGHT 3.9 lbs / 1.8 kg
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 100 × 30 × 5 cm

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