This is a sick deck!

The Leon is the brainchild of Antoine Carlotti. It represents the versatility of his skating. Like a chameleon, it adapts perfectly to its surroundings. Whether in an urban environment or on mountain roads, the Leon has everything it needs to increase your dopamine level.

As with the Rooster and Rhino, we rely on an elliptical concave. This offers incredible board control without being too restrictive. The long, medium-steep kicktail is perfect for ollies, kickflips and Antoine’s specialty, the tre flips. A small nose completes its freestyle abilities.

As soon as it gets steeper, the Leon shows another color. Thanks to the rocker and slight wheel flares at the front and a micro drop at the back, it locks you in perfectly and turns the board into a freeride beast.

The perfectly coordinated construction ensures that the Leon is stiff enough for fast descents and still forgiving enough for tricks and freeride shenanigans. Actually, the Leon can do almost anything except change its color. We’re still working on that…

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 104 × 30 × 5 cm

Kats Rack