SCYTHE Reaper – Excalibur

This is downhill skateboarding endgame.
Tons of grip.
ZERO slop.
Aggressive re-grip.
More turn.
Fast response.

Ride beyond the edge!

The final stage of the REAPER.
Featuring a maxed-out rake, minimized hanger width, and aggressive angle split – all in one set of trucks.
The truck was given the name Excalibur for a reason.

Do you live to push yourself?
Do you love square-lipped wheels?
Were you born with an aerolid and a leather suit?

Well then, these are the trucks for you!

We took our REAPER truck design and pushed it to its limits (literally, narrower hangers would cause baseplate-bite).
Sharp front angle and 13mm of rake let you grip the tightest turns with very little lean.
Narrow hangers make sure that you can rail-match your tiny speed board.
Dual-kingpins with spherical bearings ensure you will always have all the feedback you need while eliminating any slop.

For Excalibur rear truck, we typically recommend using standard bushings.
Standard bushings will increase stability thanks to better bushing rebound.
Tall bushings will give you more LEAN/TURN in exchange for weaker rebound.

This truck is not beginner-friendly. Or not very friendly in general. If you’re buying it, we assume you know what you are doing.


  • width: 85-100 mm
  • height: 57 mm
  • angles: 53°/23°
  • rake: 13 mm/13 mm
  • axle offset: 5 mm/-2 mm

What is included:

  • front truck with spherical bearings
  • rear truck with spherical bearings & insert bushings combo
  • Venom bushings
  • precision washers: 2x dish, 2x cupped, 2x flat
  • extra nuts: 4x tall axle, 4x tall kingpin
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm

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