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One of the best all round slalom and longboard wheels in the world.

The 68mm Avalon is named named after a legendary slalom racing site on California’s Catalina Island. Great for all-purpose longboarding, cruising, and Old School styling, and also one of the world’s best all-around slalom wheels – in the early and middle 2000s, the Avalon won more elite races than all other brands combined!

Molded around Seismics advanced Mini-EC hub. Not too big and not too small, the Mini-EC preserves ample tire thickness while saving weight per wheel, stiffening the inside edge, and super-charging inside edge rebound.

Why we love this wheel? Other than how gorgeous it looks on any longboard, these wheels are smooth, fast, and grippy. So much fun to ride on.


  • Diameter: 68mm
  • Width: 55mm
  • Contact Patch: 55mm
  • Durometer: 82a crystal clear purple
  • Lip Profile: Sharp
  • Core Placement: Offset
  • Wheel Surface: Smooth
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 17 × 7 × 17 cm

78a, 81a, 84a

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