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Price is for a set of TWO trucks.

They look straight out of The Transformers movie! The ViceTrux design incorporates a fully patented, independent suspension system designed to absorb shock and reduce stress on the body.

180mm wide

Silver chrome finished 356 malmag die-cast aluminum

Dual cantilever suspension system


Born in Colorado, ViceTrux, a division of Allterra Sports Inc., was created by veteran athletes and experts in the snow sports and skateboard industries. Our fully patented trucks absorb shock and reduce stress on the body through the integration of an independent suspension system that can also increase overall performance.  Easily interchangeable suspension bushings with various durometers make it so you can customize your ride based on weight and riding style. The decrease in stress on joints and muscles prolongs one’s overall riding and recovery time.

With the help of our worldwide tribe of ambassadors and riders, the ViceTrux system has been and continues to be tested in all areas of the sport from dancing and pushing, to the downhill circuit. In 2010, Mr. Jim (Jim Petersson) was the first to test our technology pushing more than 3500km through Europe and Thailand raising money for a childhood cancer foundation in Sweden.  Today, we have joined forces with Pap Dog (Mike Paproski) and Austin Meadors who have taken our product into the world of downhill longboarding proving our technology can withstand any riding style.  Our manufacturing is the highest quality with pressed in pivots as well as high pressure injection casting allowing for tolerances both being met within one thousandth of an inch. Pumpy, carvy, and offering extraordinary rebound, ViceTrux are the most specialized and versatile longboard trucks on the market giving you an exceptional riding experience. As we continue to grow through our passion, we are excited to offer them to you.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 15 × 17 cm

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