The KatsRack story – the beginning

Kat from Kats Rack

Where it all began.

So, I only started skateboarding recently. It was just few years ago, a friend gifted me a beautiful longboard they were no longer using. From the first ride along the corso, I knew this was for me! I found this new happiness and freedom, which I desperately really needed at the time.

Over the weeks, months, my love for skating grew and I started to experiment with new boards, new equipment, new styles and before I knew it I had quite the quiver, and no where to store them.

So, the obvious thing to do, buy a rack! But no, this was not as easy as it sounds. After calling all the skateshops, the big brands, even the skateboard wholesalers, no one sold racks. I found a few online which were badly designed, or poor material, or just overall not a good product. So.. I made my own! And I made them right!

Kats Rack