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Another sick truck from Don’t Trip Skate, a company based in the USA that is focused especially on high-grade Precision Trucks. Dont Trips feature CNC Machine Precision from Aircraft Grade Aluminium. Don’t Trip stands for the best Precision Trucks Lineup you can imagine, whether it is Slalom, LDP, Downhill, or Freeride, you will enjoy every single ride with these amazing trucks.

Our Description:
This is a high end DH / freeride truck from Don’t Trip that has fewer features than some of their other models. This will make it a bit less precise, but more comfortable and stable for high speeds, as well, this truck has a bit less rake so it won’t steer as deeply, but you may find it slide smoother.

These were designed for Freeride and Downhill, but make no mistake with adjustable Base 30-55 you can set Mollys up for just about everything!

Hanger: Fixed Axle 170 or 180mm, Adjustable 152-170mm / 162-180mm

Baseplates: Fixed 45 (front)/45 (rear) or 45 (front)/30 (rear), Adjustable 30-55 degree

Mollys are RKP Trucks Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum with 3mm Rake

RipTide WFB 96a Pivot Tubes
RipTide Kore in Hanger
RipTide APS Barrels

Note: Price is for a set of two Trucks

Note: Bushing colour may vary





Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 20 cm

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