This is a vintage antique collectors item. Due to age there is no warranty for its original design, use or purpose. It is sold on an β€œas is” basis, for display purposes only.

This might be the most sought after rare board by all longboard skateboard collectors. We sourced these brand new Loaded Dancers in plastic sealed mint condition from overseas and imported to Australia in 2021. First released around 2008 in USA and discontinued, these might be the only brand new NOS on the planet! Absolute collectors item.

Product release:

55″ of dancing decadence.

Years in the making and developed by the monster himself, Adam Colton. Designed with functional concerns foremost, the Dancer incorporates a flat and dampened deck for easy cross stepping, as well as built-in nose and tail kicks for effortless manuals, shovits and g-turns. Functional wheel cut outs and wheel wells enhance carving ability, while a minimal camber keeps the board damp and forgiving.

Flex 1 – Heavier riders
Flex 2 – Lighter riders


Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 130 × 30 × 10 cm

Kats Rack