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The mini Hades is a modern race board and the ultimate grip machine.

It combines all the features of its big brotherย in a very compact form: An asymmetrical rocker, wheel flares and a w-concave in the back. The flattish part of the rocker in the front guarantees a good stand. The steeper part in the back feels like a race tail or torque block. Together with the mellow w-concave it creates the perfect pocket for the riderโ€™s foot during the tuck.

A shorter platform and two flush cuts allow standing very close to the trucks. Hence this board should be your choice if youโ€™re looking for some extra grip โ€“ be it technical downhill, garage or slalom. We designed it around narrow split angle trucks like Donโ€™t Trip DH Cybins, Slalom Rogues or Skoa M.Specs but it can also be set up with narrow cast trucks or even normal slalom trucks. Several wheelbase options help fine-tuning the board for maximum grip.

Our proven maple / carbon construction makes this board ultra stiff and extremely durable and long-lasting.


LENGTH 31.1โ€ / 79 cm
WIDTH 9โ€ / 23 cm
WHEELBASE 22โ€ โ€“ 23.2โ€ / 56 โ€“ 59 cm
CONCAVE 0.43โ€ โ€“ 0.67โ€ / 11 โ€“ 17 mm
ROCKER 0.59โ€ / 15 mm
MATERIAL SFI-certified Canadian maple, Carbon fiber, Embossed ABS topsheet
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 90 × 30 × 5 cm

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