Another sick truck from Rogues. 

Price is for set (front and back)

Introducing the ZM1, the next-generation precision race Truck from Rogue.

The ZM1 features a completely refreshed Truck design, engineered to dramatically increase traction and response. Featuring spherical Bearings in both the hanger and baseplate, standard height bushings, and our hyper-aggressive hanger geometry, ZM1s are our most optimized performance Truck to date.

ZM1s come with two distinct hanger designs. The front hanger is designed for maximum steering response and drive on a 55 degree baseplate. While the rear hanger is designed for stability, grip, and power utilizing our revolutionary trailing-link axle design on a 23 degree baseplate. Both hangers are adjustable from 100mm-110mm with 12mm of rake. The ZM1 also features aerospace-grade kingpins designed to take more abuse and perfectly fit the spherical bearings with no slop. Each kingpin is trimmed to fit to allow maximum clearance for small wheels. A true dual-purpose truck designed to make podiums on cone courses and big mountain downhill races. For the first time, you’ll find 9x time slalom World Champion Joe Mclaren riding the same trucks as downhill World Champion Harry Clarke.


Full Set Includes

Adjustable 100mm – 110mm Rogue ZM1 Hangers

4x Spherical Bearings

55° Front Baseplate

23° Rear Baseplate



Front: 73a Light Pink Venom Barrel Bushing Roadside, 78a Blue Venom Barrel Bushing Boardside

Rear: 93a Green Venom Tall Barrel Bushing Roadside, 97a Pink Venom Barrel Boardside.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 20 cm

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